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So, it turns out, people don't automatically find the idea of Adam Lambert, magical elf creature, to be entirely crazy. Who knew? I mean on one hand, Adam Lambert. There is probably no concept too ludicrous to seem implausible where he's concerned. But on the other--elf fic. It's kind of a toss up there.

For those of you who are following that story either here or on the kradam_ai community, I have made significant progress on the next section, but I may wait to post it as I'd like to keep postings to at least once a week and as we're entering super-busy finals time now I don't know how much time I'll have to write in early December. So if I parse things out now, there will still be things to read then. Which is best, I think.

It always interests me to see what stories of mine seem to catch on and which don't. It always seems to me that it is when I'm being at my absolute least serious and most self-indulgent that people most seem to like my stories. Which is fine! I enjoy being ludicrous and self-indulgent. It's just interesting. I mean--my most popular story is easily "When I'm 64", which is basically 20,000 words of domestic fluff. There's a bit of deliberate melancholy to it, sure, but it's mostly John wears a uniform! And Rodney is grumpy! And then there is sex, the end. (Which is, incidentally, not dissimilar to the current plot of the further adventures of Elf!Adam -- i.e. Kris is kind of a super-hero, Danny is grumpy, Adam is an elf who also wears a lot of sex-ass uniforms, Adam has sex with the universe and eventually lots of it with Kris, the end). There seems to be a continuing theme of grumpiness, clothing changes and sex. I should probably think about that.
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